Oral Presentation International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

Iterative Phase Retrieval in the Hard X-Ray Regime for Absorbing Multi-Material Objects (137)

Johannes Hagemann 1 , Silja Flenner 2 , Imke Greving 2 , Christian Schroer 1 3
  1. DESY, 22607 Hamburg, Germany
  2. Helmholtz-Zentrum Geestacht, 21502 Geesthacht, Germany
  3. Universit├Ąt Hamburg, 20146 Hamburg, Germany

Propagation-based phase-contrast imaging techniques in the optical near field are a versatile toolto image a variety of samples. The range spans from unstained biological specimen to material science specimen.The drawback of this technique is the necessity to carry out a phase retrieval on the obtained measurements.For certain classes of specimens exist specialized retrieval schemes but the general case of a multi componentamplitude and phase object remains challenging for the reconstruction

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