Oral Presentation International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

Analysing dynamic neutron tomography of self-healing concrete using piecewise constant functions (124)

Wannes Goethals 1 , Didier Snoeck 1 , Nele De Belie 1 , Matthieu Boone 1
  1. Ghent University, Gent, BELGIUM, Belgium

This work presents the analysis of a dynamic neutron tomography experiment. The goal is to visualize the internal water flow in a variety of cement-based materials that contain superabsorbent polymers.
During hardening of the cement paste, the polymers seem to release their entrained water for internal curing purposes.
Per-pixel analysis of the time attenuation curve using piecewise-constant functions clearly visualizes this feature and may lead to interesting results and optimization of the material.

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