Sheridan Mayo International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

Sheridan Mayo

Sheridan is a senior research scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing with an extensive background in x-ray science, including x-ray crystallography, x-ray diffuse scattering and x-ray imaging. She received her D. Phil from Oxford University, following which she moved to Australia to take up a position at ANU and later CSIRO. Her research at CSIRO has focused on the development of techniques in x-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography. She has applied these techniques to characterisation of samples from a wide variety of research areas including materials science, bio-medical science, geology and food science. She has worked closely with the Australian synchrotron team at the Imaging and Medical beamline on a range of imaging projects, including improved methods for medical imaging, analysis of petroleum source rocks, and the first time-resolved micro-CT experiments at the Imaging and Medical beamline. She also has a growing interest in solving the Big Data problems associated with processing and 3D image analysis of large numbers of micro-CT datasets.

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