Oral Presentation International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

Characterizing deformation in depleted sandstone gas reservoirs: A micro-CT study of in-situ triaxial and uniaxial experiments (47)

Jeroen F Van Stappen 1 , Jessica A McBeck 2 , Marijn A Boone 3 , Benoit Cordonnier 2 , Ronald PJ Pijnenburg 1 , Fran├žois Renard 2 4 , Veerle Cnudde 5 , Christopher J Spiers 1 , Suzanne JT Hangx 1
  1. Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2. Oslo University, Oslo, Norway
  3. TESCAN XRE, Ghent, Belgium
  4. University Grenoble Alpes, University Savoie Mont Blanc, CNRS, IRD, IFSTTAR, ISTerre, Grenoble, France
  5. Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

The depletion of hydrocarbon reservoirs often results in reservoir compaction. Through in-situ imaging of triaxial and uniaxial compaction experiments on cohesive sandstone and sand aggregates, we aim to characterize and understand the local deformation mechanisms that enable the observed macroscopic compaction. Standard image analysis techniques and digital volume correlation analysis provide novel access to these local deformation mechanisms.

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