International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

Three-Dimensional Multi-Mineral Analysis of Sandstone Rocks   (209)

Tammy Amirian 1
  1. UNSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia

X‐ray micro-computed tomography (µ-CT) is an advanced imaging technique that allows non-destructive and non-invasive imaging of specimens to depict cross‐sectional and three‐dimensional internal structures. However, the mineralogical characteristics of the sample cannot be identified by means of this technique. In the proposed poster, a workflow will be presented in order to achieve a three-dimensional mulita- mineral analysis of sandstone rocks. In this approach, the automated image analysis of mineral identification (QEMSCAN) has been used in conjunction with (µ-CT). The 3D mineral mapping was obtained by segmenting 3D µ-CT tomograms at the dry state based on the correlation between X-ray attenuation of tomogram and registered 2D SEM-EDS slices. To validate the approach a numerical analysis was performed as well. In addition, Representative Elementary Volume (REV) analysis was performed for the Minkowski functionals, which includes volume density, specific surface area, integral of mean curvature and Euler characteristics of the rock-forming minerals.